GreenGenius World Wide is based in Aurora Ontario Canada and was founded by Gordon London with his mandate to change the way people think about saving fuel in North America. Gord discovered the GreenGenius in Europe and wondered why the people of North America were being denied the financial and environmental benefits of a miraculous product that was tested and proven effective.

One year later, after appropriate arrangements and logistics plans were made, the dream became a reality and a top team of hidden talent began approaching the business market and key corporate interests with great success. Gord’s team brought successful trials to conclusion in both North American and South America.

It was imperative to Gord and his team that correct testing procedures and North American references be put in place before presenting GreenGenius to a worldwide market.

GreenGenius Worldwide is presently seeking distributors and wholesalers. The GreenGenius FuelSaver is changing the way we drive and the future of our planet.